Private Garden Maintenance

At Starr Gardens we offer many services, Garden maintenance, Turf Care, Fencing, Repairs, Shed Bases plus much more. If its not listed, Please Contact us and see how we can help.

Benefits of Our Garden Maintenance Services.

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    Lawn Care in London.

    An obsession for some, a chore for most - A neatly cut lawn, however, goes a long way towards making a good impression. Why not let our professionals take on the work-load? Whatever the condition of your lawn, we guarantee to have it looking it`s best. From grass cutting and laying turf to trimming and fertilizing, we have the tools and the know-how make your lawn a real feature of your garden!

    Maybe the weeds have taken over, the lawn is patchy because of the dog or where the children have been on their garden swing. Whatever the reason - for you enough is enough and you want a new lawn. Whether you decide you need the whole lawn re-turfed or just parts of it, Starr Gardens can advise on the best course of action for a new lawn.

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    Garden Maintenance Services

    Our garden maintenance service includes the following:

    If you prefer a one off gardening service we can accommodate you with one, or any of our many gardening services:

    Lawn care services - Lawn mowing, Lawn Treatments, Spring and summer Lawn fertilizers, Grass seeding, Lawn Scarifying

  • Pressure washing - Sandblasting, Paving restoration, Paving re pointing
  • Pruning - Tree stump removal, Fruit Tree cutting, hedge trimming and professional garden maintenance
  • Weeding - Raking, Hoeing, Forking soil
  • Planting - Perennial plants, Shrubs, Trees, Seeding, Containers and Pots
  • Soil Conditioning - Organic gardening, Mulch, Compost, Organic fertilizer, Horse manure, Landscaping soil types
  • Green Waste removal - waste disposal services, Recycling, Compost areas and composting garden waste

Starr Gardens is cheap and affordable, we aim for a very high service and qualified professional grounds maintenance contractors to attend to your garden.

Why not sign up for a regular garden maintenance slot today, contact us on 01923 822805 to discuss your options.